This morning, I had potato sticks for breakfast.  Rolled in peanut butter.  I washed it down with a soda.  I put on jeans that are both too tight and a little too short.  I spent eternity on my hair and I still hated it.  I left the countertop littered with all of my beauty products, and before I slammed the door on my way out I told my husband it was none of his business where I was going, I was an adult and I could make my own decisions.

Then I came back in and asked for gas money.

This can only mean one thing.

Someone woke up my inner eighteen-year old.

Damn you, Beth Teliho!  Damn you and your book, Order of Seven!

Order of Seven, Teliho’s (my friend and fellow Sisterwive’s) new novel, to be released April 7, will instantly captivate you and draw you into the world of eighteen year-old Devi Bennett, whose other-worldly abilities are inexplicably linked to her brother Nodin, her friend Ben, and most importantly Baron, an “energy healer” whose dreams are guiding Devi to destiny much larger than they ever imagined.  Also, Baron is a hottie.

“Two days ago, I didn’t know this man.  Now, his absence is an earthquake.” ~ Devi, Order of Seven

Chapter one introduces Devi and her recurring dream of an African Tribal ceremony that ends in fear and chaos; from there, author Teliho reveals and develops the other characters with the same skilled hand as she weaves the multifaceted storyline, and explores the mysterious tree that Devi is drawn to, the origins and scope of her power and the intoxicating connection with Baron, with whom her fate is inextricably intertwined.  Devi’s search for her biological parents and the answers that their identity holds will keep you captive until the final page.

Much more than a love story, Order of Seven unfolds a complex tale of romance, mystery and suspense surrounded with philosophical themes and exploration of the paranormal.  This book made me abandon Netflix.  It hooks you quickly; be prepared to drop whatever else you are doing, and finish it.

It is marketed to Young Adult (16+), as well as Adult Metaphysical and Visionary – but as you can see, you don’t have to be any of those things to appreciate it.  😉

Order of Seven is still available for pre-order here.

10 thoughts on “The Next Book You Should Be Reading

  1. I can’t wait to read this! The characters sound deep, rich, and wonderful. What a fun pre-launch this has been. I’m also looking forward to unleashing my inner 18-year-old…hoping that the perky butt comes back by the end of the first chapter 😉
    Have a fabulous weekend, ladies!!

      1. Oops! Tipsy Michelle just responded…been at a charity poker tourney all night. I thought I was responding to the “not without my father” and “power” post.
        I’m soooo embarrassed.
        *drops the empty wine bottle

      1. Ahhh I never had one. I’m just getting mine now. Taking effort but it’s WELL worth it.

        I was up til 3am. On a work night. I nearly died of tired the next day but it was SOOOOO good.

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