First in the series of Somethingest prompts, as supplied by Rarasaur, which worked out magnificently because….


My new blog. My new blog is unfinished.

I have been ruminating about this for months. Nablopoblano seemed the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of That Shameless Hussy and debut my new, more subdued creative space.

So I waiting until this morning to start, of course.

I’m starting to think the only thing I like about this is creating the artwork.

In addition to considering what I wanted my new blog to look like, I kept thinking of all the things I would write about.

It’s not like there is a shortage of things to write about.

I seem to have lost hope. And with it, my sense of humor.

So for nablahblahblahblah, I am going to bore the shit our of everyone for 30 days by unapologetically publishing my morning free write.

Also, I am going to actually start doing a morning free write.

They are going to be terrible.

But maybe they will help me find some light.