So something really exciting happened.

As you may know, I used the word poop 1,000,000,0022 times yesterday. On the blog post. Not out loud. Quit asking silly questions.

That is not the exciting part.

Lo and behold, in the reader at the bottom of my published post appeared two links to other wordpress articles whose titles contained the word “poop.” Do you know what that means? Yes.

I’m magic.

I think that’s super useful, don’t you? Naugahyde.

What? Were they good articles? I dunno. I didn’t read them. And then I couldn’t find them again. Glitterball.

My freewrite yesterday was recumbentibus. Especially because it’s not actually tomorrow yet.

Zhuzh! (pronounced “Zhush” which is now my new favorite word, and that is not a very helpful pronunciation guide. Good thing I have speech therapy experience and I know that the zh sound is pronounced /ʒ/.

Where was I?


I was going to bed.


(p.s. when I searched pixabay for a post image by the keyword “zhuzh”, I got a bunch of kiwis. So that’s why the featured image is plate of kiwis that look like Munch’s The Scream.)

(it also reminded me of this.)