12:58am I’m writing this from my phone in bed because I forgot.

(and then she fell asleep.)

(and she woke up thinking she had written, but she had not)

11:31am I’ll write something after breakfast.

(but she did not eat breakfast. She drank coffee and them she changed out of her nice soft pajamas into jeans and elf boots and a giant hoodie that says “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” and she went to Costco to return a rug.)

12:21pm I don’t want to go to Costco. But now I am dressed.  I should go somewhere. Is this rug really that bad? Do i really want the other rug? Does a kitchen sink need a rug?

(It was at that moment that Chaos the eerily predictively named cat answered both questions by enthusiastically kneading the new rug)

1:05pm I keep singing “Mad World” from yesterday’s post.  It’s one of my favorites.

“And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad

That the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…”

(She wonders if someone who watched it judged her for a video that is arguably about the suicide of a flightless bird)

(She wonders if any of her fellow writers that preaches empathy would quietly decide that she was seeking attention by even posting it)

(She wonders, because she has done that very thing)

1:30pm I bought tamales and queso and breakfast burritos at Costco because damn those sample tables! I also 

(she is distracted by a political post and the rest of her sentence is lost in a swirling abyss of anger and disgust)

(she starts to share, with a sharp commentary but she’s been “actually-d” more than once in the last couple of days and now, once again, worries that she doesn’t have every nuance of every side of every story, something that doesn’t seem to stop anyone else)

3:03pm I took my daughter to Michael’s to get art supplies and a present for her friend’s birthday. Christmas décor is 50% off and I really wanted a couple of things but I couldn’t talk myself into it.

(she returns to Costco and buys an LED holiday village and an LED snowman)

(she decides she doesn’t care and is done for the day.)

I have to write for tomorrow, too…

I find it hard to tell you

Cause I find it hard to take

It’s a very, very
Mad World