Good habits that I have started because of this: I am recording via voice text good ideas that I have when I don’t have access to a computer. Then I come back to them later and have no fucking idea what I was trying to say because voice text is a vindictive squirrel.

But a few are coherent enough to figure out where I was going, which is straight into the trash much of the time, some are really good starts for opinion pieces. But my opinion isn’t really being sought, and I’m sick of myself anyway.

So, instead of the continued introspection,  I think I will try something new for the next 10: a character sketch, or a scene description. My creative skills need a good run. Maybe a random sentence generated prompt.

That sounds like a great idea. I wonder if I will actually do it.

But I won’t tonite.

Tonight it is midnight, I have a teenage son who is up to no good and a cat in my lap that wants me to stop writing. I have to deal with one of them.

And I’m supposed to be writing in the MORNING for the NEXT day’s post.