A wise friend said “There are bloggers who write, and there are writers who blog.” I think that’s true – which is not to assume that you can’t be good at both. Some folks seem to prefer the day to day updates taken at face value, others turn those experiences into something else. No shame in either. Some might find the day to day pedantic, others find the need to turn those observations into art pretentious.

Now I’m in trouble.

Which am I?

I like using my experiences to tell another story, a fictional or a hyperbolic one. I don’t know that my opinions are experiences are all that exciting by themselves. I envy those who seem to be able to create an analytical or personal or researched essay that a big pub wants and people want to read. There’s a level of inner strength required with that – you have to be able to defend your position when necessary and let the rest roll off, which is not easy for me.

Everybody’s a critic, too, so when you spend time and effort into creating a piece of poetry or fiction or creative non-fiction, you have to learn to consider the critiques that have meaning and let the ugly and stupid roll off you.

If I could paint a picture of the internet, it would look something like this:

john travolta aerobics GIF by Cheezburger

If I could paint a picture of the internet, it would look something like this:

Or this.

mud GIF

But don’t search by “poop”. That much I learned.


(it is worthy to mention that the GIPHY search for just the right GIF began with “Scream” and ended with me searching for “is Christian Slater dead?” and my post forgotten. I may have stumbled on part of the problem)

(and now I’m out of my time and patience allotment for this)

(that patience thing may also be part of the problem)