I have no idea what the hell I am doing.

I was just suddenly SO DONE with That Shameless Hussy. It was cute while it lasted. It was a feisty persona. Awesome cover art. Made some very funny business cards on that persona. “Disappointing Masturbators Since 2013.” “Participation Trophy Wife.”

I was ready for something new, so I went right out to buy my domain. Well, I went in the basement. Where the computer is.

There is an established artist in Chicago who already shares my name, and has the domain and all the social media handles.

So I was going to use my mom’s maiden name. But I decided that was pretentious.

So I bought reneerobbinswriter.com

And I made a new blog called This Is My Day Job.

And I made some cool cover art.

Then I figured out I could just change the name of the old blog and point it at the new domain. There’s probably no reason why everyone doesn’t just do that, right? I’m probably the first to think of it.

Then I figured out I can’t change my admin.

So I thought maybe if I changed my original address.

But I can’t, because I already opened a wordpress blog under that name so it is no longer available.

So I tried some export/import shenanigans and was seriously worried I’d permanently screwed everything up, but apparently not. Yet.

This is my favorite gif. This is how I imagine Professor Snape would look at me all the time.

And all that took me the entire day so I have a legitimate excuse.

Here’s something funny to read!