I should have broken the last post in two. Because it’s 3pm and this is my freewrite which means I’m going to rush through it because I should be writing for tomorrow.

I am angry today. I read how Christine Blasey Ford gave the proceeds of her GoFundMe to help other assault survivors, after she used some of the money to move several times and increase security around her whole family because people have been threatening her since they decided not to believe her. The logic of those people has always confounded me. I get becoming so angry that you say “I’ll kill you!” because usually you don’t mean it and the moment passes. But to torment someone with it – to make them fear for the safety of their children is reprehensible. Also the rape threat thing – I’m not sure those people get to claim to be human.

Some days – most days – the internet just keeps confirming that people are worse than I ever could have believed.

But enough of that cup of cheer!

One of the methods we learned in satire is to take what makes you angry, and then turn it back on itself. It would be nice to turn this anger into humor.

Only four more days, including today, and I will probably be screaming in on two wheels for all of them. Where to from here?

Is there any funny left in the world?

I have a couple of personal essays I would like to finish and place.

I would like to submit one humor piece a week.

But do I write here every day?

Will I get better at coming up with things to write about?

Do I need to publish? Probably not. That’s pretty self-indulgent given my utter lack of anything relevant to say, but this nanopoblano has shown me a lot of people who post really good, interesting observations/poems/essays/photos every day. I look forward to reading several.

I had a great conversation with myself in the car on the way to the gym about boundary issues, and how that seems to be at the heart of the problems I have with relationships. Wow that sounds boring now that I have typed it. And a little sketchy. Everyone has conversations with themselves about boondaries, right? That’s a good subject for tomorrow. I agree.

I am re-watching Stranger Things. It’s not holding up as well on the second viewing but I still love it. It still feels like visiting an old friend. Maybe that’s a good subject for the next day.

Then, the last day I can recap, and you can finally be done with me.