The morning did not start well. I posted this already but I’m not going through that whole picture-resize shenanigans again.

“I will relay this with as little bitterness as I can.

Hubs fell asleep in front of the TV and rolled over on the remote volume at 4am so I had to come down and turn it off BECAUSE IT WAS REALLY LOUD THANKS HON.

And I knew it was over then, but still I tried to go back to sleep.

My son inexplicably set his alarm for 5:30. I normally have to wake him 27 times but on mornings when he decides to take responsibility he insists that 5:30 is the only option. I hear him go downstairs and open every drawer and cabinet twice so at least he’s making his lunch. Whoopee.

So I was twice as not asleep as I was at 4. And I may have shouted some things that he couldn’t hear over the shower.

Daughters alarm is at 6. Yay! Son is in shower. She falls back to sleep waiting. So I have to wake her up before I go down and wake my husband who was pretty freaking chipper there in front of the TV and is lucky to be alive.

About 7:10 as I drink the coffee I was thoughtful enough to set last night to save time this morning, I realize I have not seen my son. So I call him AND HE WENT BACK TO SLEEP and he comes downstairs AND STARTS MAKING HIS LUNCH so apparently the symphony of drawers and cabinets this morning was just to piss me off.

As he is leaving I offer that perhaps he wouldn’t be tired if he went to bed earlier and he acts like that is just a silly thing for me to say.

Everyone is stupid and I want my own separate house. And the cat is in the kitchen chewing something and I hope it is someone else’s shoes.

Also anyone foolish enough to offer me advice will find their email somehow winds up on every subscription list I can find that involves erectile dysfunction or detox diets.

That may have been a little bitter.”

You can’t expect me to write all that and not use it here.

If I worked days I’d power thru, but I work evenings in an (other people’s) financial capacity that has little tolerance for falling asleep at the keyboard. So I went back to bed for about 2 hours.

Later I scrolled my facebook and read an article about Kirk Cameron and his views on women, that included a delightful video of an actual minister preaching that women be stripped of all civil and human rights because the Bible, and because women shouldn’t have a say in how they are governed. You can see his reeking, ugly, graceless sewer of a soul in his eyes. He loathes women. Especially those he can’t control. My thoughts on people like that are not peaceful.

The article’s intent was to shit stir, as it kept repeating that these two clearly believed that women who were victims of domestic violence should be forced to stay married – and no doubt that was true – but there it is again. That thread of self-righteousness that is often woven through what seem to be liberal views.

Women don’t need to be victims of abuse to justify wanting out of a marriage. They have the right to violate their vows and break their commitment, OR TO NEVER MARRY AT ALL for terribly selfish OR justifiable reasons. Just like anyone else.

It runs through a lot of these ridiculous hot button issues – “We will ALLOW women to have this right, we will GIVE them this autonomy that we ourselves take for granted, but only if they have a REASON we approve of.

That’s not equality.

Other people’s basic human rights are not ours to grant. Drives me batshittery.

Someone did attack Kirk Cameron in the comments, and he clearly had mistaken him for Neil Patrick Harris, which brought me a LOT of joy except that he was, of course, hateful toward same-sex marriage. Irony not withstanding, it was stolen joy, steeped in ignorance.

Speaking of which, today I got my Certificate of Ordainment from The Universal Life Church, which has been official since April but I just now paid for the docs, where I join Stephen Colbert, Lady Gaga, Sir Ian McKellan, and Benedict Cumberbatch and others, even as I am fairly confident I will never be called upon to officiate a wedding.

“When You Can Find No One Else – I Will Marry You.” 

So there’s that.

One more day!