I am too!

The first anthology in which I have the privilege of being included dropped on the 26th, and already it is first on Amazon in books about potty training. I’m secretly hoping it hits #1 for “Books About Unconventional Uses for Air Freshener” but it could be a minute on that.


It’s not actually about potty training. Apparently there are some references in there.  There are several potty references in my essay, “For Whom the Smell Tolls” alone. I feel like I made a significant contribution to the book’s best seller status.

Here is the link.

If you read it, please leave a review. Please leave a nice review. Please leave a nice review that mentions my essay as one of your faves (too much?).

This is an extra post. You will still get one for May. Calm down.






7 thoughts on “I Am a Best-Selling Author

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    If you have toddlers, I recommend this anthology. My Kansas niece has an essay in it, and while I haven’t read it yet, I have read her other writing, and she is extremely funny. So enjoy!

  2. Damnit shitty thumbs, jumpy cat , and begger dog. To continue: so …now i guess i have to find someone with a shitty copy. Spent money on other *

    1. Hahaha I thought maybe you’d been in the limoncello. I appreciate the thought! I’ll letcha know if they have one of of those days where you can get a kindle copy for 99 cents, those are my favorite. 🙂

      1. Mmm. Send the limoncello too. I looked for some in this dinky town and only cheap crap. Have as many booze shops as corners and bait shops only second to churches. Nada. Not even decent limontselo. M/D 20/20 level or just buy some lemon scented oven cleaner. Taste about same.
        And ya cheap bastard here. If you wrote it and not just an article be different.

  3. I read your shit. I pay for the ISP to read your shit. So you are a best selling Author. Now you have a contribution to a book on toddler shit so

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