Well shit! I almost forgot! Here it is almost the end of the month and I’m on the road to Georgetown, CO with my mom and sis and three dogs for our annual birthday trip.

He’s not speaking to me because…
…there’s a new kid in town…

So it’s been a busy month. Kid got in some trouble. Had to learn to navigate some systems and some situations that had been previously uncharted. I think we are back on track.

It gave me some ideas for articles and essays, which I promptly dismissed. “What to Do When your Child is Facing Expulsion” seems like it might be a helpful read but what if I didn’t do the right thing? How do you know? How do we know I didn’t do something to cause this in the first place? WHERE DO I GET OFF GIVING PARENTING ADVICE?

I will say this: advocate for your kid, because no one else will, and this system gives no shits unless you grab it by its apathetic little face and force it to.

And this: a student who is expelled is 10 times LESS likely to graduate, and schools who use zero tolerance policies for non-violent offenses as a standard actually have lower academic performance and the practice actually has an negative effect on student’s reported feelings of safety.

It’s going to be ok and I make no apologies for my decision. Maybe I should write an article.

What else? Submitted to two pubs, was included in a second anthology, both of which can be found here and here.

Blog is on track, haven’t done any submitting to goal pubs or worked on my stand up routine. But there is still time.


So what IS funny when the world is GOOD LORT THE DOG JUST BROKE WIND AND I THINK I’M GOING TO DIE.  Plz hold.

*rolls down window*


So what is funny when the world is on fire? All the stuff I used to read for humor sounds just…lame.   Nothing I write sounds funny to me. It’s like I need to know we are moving away from this shitshow before I can move forward. I guess we took a step in that direction this week.

My mama has drunk the Fox News koolaid and that’s a little disheartening. I see now how those people capitalize on fear.

Ok this was never going to be much of a post. Good thing I had low expectations. Good thing you did. 🙂

I solemnly promise October will be better.

It will!

8 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. May be helpful to use the word ‘publication’ once so as to clarify not hanging out in towny booze hound dives. Especially when links aren’t working. ” Surviving teenagers” has to be a wonderous work of fiction.

      1. You did mention teenager and bullshit school system so naturally expected heading towards pub. Preferably out of town which would be real reason for a road trip. Then maybe camping with friend and dogs. But noooooo.
        Honestly was expecting to read about school twat waffles ass chewing. Still good though. Doggy fart stories equally amusing.
        Damn links.

  2. There is now hope of impeaching Kavanaugh too. He should have never gotten in. I’m so sick of criminals getting put into positions of power. My posts haven’t been stupendous. It’s hard to write when you’re in fear for your life. sighs… I did like a recent one, Sleep Deprived. https://aheartonthematter.com/2019/09/10/sleep-deprived/ I thought that one was relatable and funny. 🙂 I think we enjoy knowing what is going on with you. I think you should write about parenting. No one is perfect, but everyone struggles and you never know who it might help. I did a lot of advocating for my son. Hope your trip goes well. 🙂

    1. Want you to know I read and keep trying to like your post – so you got views but it won’t let me like it. I think I’ve logged in 20 times. IDK I’ll try again when I have an actual computer with decent connection.

  3. Still love your writing and I do find it humourous. I hope all turns out ok with the kid and school. Looking forward to your next xx

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