Welcome to Nanopoblahblah 2019! Where I pretend like I’m going to write something worth reading 30 days in a row!

Except that this time I’m pretending to write something worth reading 10 days not in a row. Or 10 days in a row and then I’m out. Or, y’know. just 10 times at random throughout the month. New rules! Now I have to get used to new rules! All this restriction is suffocating! It’s punitive! It’s like they want me to think about what I’ve written before I foist it on the world.

Sit Down Stupid Double Double Toil And Trouble GIF

Well, I’ll show them.

I’m not even going to count this as part of my ten. I might even write every day, YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!



Unless this is that reverse psychology nonsense. Because that doesn’t work on me, bub. I just won’t write anything. Ha!

I will admit, even the signup sheet gave me commitment anxiety. That’s why I waited until the last minute. I don’t think I’m even on the blogroll. I also refused to confirm my subscription to the newsletter after I signed up and when I read the suggestion to turn off comment moderation, I broke out in hives.

But here we are. No seriously, this is us:

There’s probably some more interesting stuff to read there.

Why are you still here?



4 thoughts on “This Time Will Be Different

    1. Road to hell. Good intentions. All that. πŸ™‚ The remembering to read and comment will be the hard part. Glad you’re here!

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