Here it is, November 23rd and I haven’t written a damn thing since the the first three days and I am SO DISAPPOINTED! I expected so much better from you!

And now I have to write every stupid day to meet the 10 post goal because the world will implode and all 2 of my readers will be sad.

So here I am at the salon watching my daughter cut her beautiful blonde hair and dye it some weird color…ok technically I am paying someone else a third mortgage to do that because they get kind of angry when you just saunter in and hijack their equipment and then you have to find a new salon and a lawyer but I digress.

Writing is like this for me now: I have this vision of a painting I want to create. Sometimes it’s red and angry and full of hate and other times it is blue and sad and smudgy and other times so dark you can’t see all the colors I blended to make it…but always something to say. But they change so fast and my confidence is so low that all I have the energy for is to run by and fling paint at the canvas and hope someone understands.

Speaking of painting, we are. Painting. And speaking of it. We have made a lot of progress on our annual charitable drive to end the suffering of those who don’t have the offices they were promised a year ago. No one has even killed anyone yet but I do have paint on me all the time.

Where was I?

Thanksgiving is next week, which I bet you know already, and so begins my (extended) family’s annual descent into madness. Does extended family mean “my husbands side” because that is what I mean, unless they are reading this in which case BOY I WISH MY IMAGINARY COUSINS WOULD REIGN IT IN THIS YEAR GAH. I used to love the holidays but people who love conflict ruin everything, and for some, the holidays are an opportunity to vomit up their drama and dysfunction on anyone they can hit, and that was before that syphilitic howler monkey took over the White House.

Segues are overrated

I threaten to leave town every year, because every year brings something idiotic. My childhood memories with my family are pleasant, but my mom remembers snarky drama, so hopefully my kids are only absorbing the happy shit.

Thats it that’s all you get.


7 thoughts on “This is All Your Fault

  1. I know I have 5 posts left. I am super happy though that I actually finished a new chapter for my book. I have posted a couple of sample chapters, not complete because I want there to be words to read when it’s finished. Stories, not facts change hearts and minds, so… I think I have decided to incorporate the cancers currently plaguing our society into my very big story. It might be ridiculous to think that my very big (little self published book) will have any effect on anyone let alone go viral, but here I am. LOL I am likely working on Thanksgiving Day till 2 or so. Luckily my wife will be cooking, but between now and then I have to get all the shopping done in preparation. I am always excited when I see a new post from you. Luckily we don’t have big get togethers anymore. So there won’t be any drama for us. But I remember well the drama from before and my heart goes out to you. Hang in there. 🙂

    1. That’s wonderful about the new chapter AND the book and I’m sure it will be terrific! I miss the big get togethers with my family, most of whom are gone. It seems that the big peaceful gathering is rare, so maybe I miss something that never existed.

  2. Hey! There’s at least 5 of us reading your wonderful crap! Thats just me: MPD, plus Evul Doppelganger and childhood friend Notme. There are a few that arent me. Thanksgiving drama parade should give you volumes to write. Have more alcohol on hand and stand back. Suggest shark cage and electric cattle prod.
    Do need at least one self important narcissist drama queen pre-loaded lush to initiate fission reaction. Not hard to find.

  3. I hope Thanksgiving works out well for you. I do love your writing…and the way you describe it! Gives me food for thought. Xx

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