This is Not a Snowflake Martini Recipe

Time for the weekly stretch. Like yoga for my brain.  It's that time of year again. The time where I see a recipe for a cool Christmas cocktail idea in a magazine and think "I must make that for all of my friends!" forgetting that I don't have any friends and anyway I don't like … Continue reading This is Not a Snowflake Martini Recipe


  I was just really excited that I woke up with the urge to go write something this morning. So, um. Here is it. Still publishing poo but my draft folder is empty. I'm going to keep going until...IDK how long. There is a LOT that I have left unexplored but the longer I worked … Continue reading Grace


(Actual unoriginal magnet from my fridge.) I internalize negativity like my skin does sunlight - it doesn't take long to burn me and send me inside to sit in the dark hating everyone and everything. The internet is best experienced with a clear understanding that it is whole LOT of voices, millions, many of which … Continue reading Human


The morning did not start well. I posted this already but I'm not going through that whole picture-resize shenanigans again. "I will relay this with as little bitterness as I can. Hubs fell asleep in front of the TV and rolled over on the remote volume at 4am so I had to come down and … Continue reading Holy—


"Comedy has changed so much since then; it has become unrecognizable since I first began interviewing her in 2016. It has gone from being a variety of ways to tickle a person — real life, funny because it’s true, ironic funny, deadpan funny, parody funny, no-duh funny, slapstick, farce, absurdity, pratfalls, a real variety — … Continue reading Musing